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News! 26.06
Finally! SSL Update! Works correctly. GOOD JOB!) DGX - NOLIMIT!!!
News 23.06.
1. Added new payment methods. 3 crypto and AdvCash. Keep working on the design.

2. Reminding the schedule of daily accruals growth.
Diapason 0.1 - 0.2%. Each Sunday and Wensday

3. Will raise daily accrual till 2% daily.

4. Reply to all letters. Do not shy asking questions but read FAQ on the website. Simple and easy to use. Written by people for people.

5. Chat DGX community international chat.
News 21.06.
1. Remind about the schedule of daily percentage increase.
Sunday / Wednesday.
Range 0.1 - 0.2%.

2. Adding new videos to Getting ready for the working week.
News 19.06.
Happy Friday. These words sound too strange after two months of quarantine in Northern part of the world.

1. We have started the implementation of advertisement strategy. Connected several new bloggers. Any extra move. Working accurately and precisely.

2.As promised increased daily accrual level till 1,8%. Will raise to 1,9% on Sunday. Further increase will be as scheduled. We do not need any hurry. The situation is very comfortable. Maybe we will increase minimum investment sum and entry level.

3. The investment offer and referral program are attractive and have correct logic.
It helps to sift out the attacks from spammers promoters. Just work if you want to work. The referral program is simple and completely understandable. The investment plan is best at the market. This is true.

4. Made new promo video. It is interesting how it will sound in different languages. Will check next week.

5. Will work on the languages after week-end. Rather refined and complex process.

6. Answering to frequently asked question about adding new payment system. Yes, we can and yes, will add.

7. Will try to finish works on Project design this week-end. Now we have to do harmonic background, charts with reports and finally do the animation. We have to shift this work.
Mini - inform
1. Perfect Money added.

2. Now we conduct works on the pages design and reporting charts. Plus some other technical moments. Tomorrow we will do animation.

3. As promised will raise today the daily accrual level till 1,8% . Not so much but it feels at the distance.
News 15.06.
1 Completed Project design update for 80%!

2. Taking into account the market situation we have selected the schedule for the increase of daily accrual amount. It will be each Sunday and each Wednesday. The growth diapason is 0.1 – 0.2%. The objective is to reach the level of 3%, set before crisis.

3. Tomorrow we will connect new advertising channels and add text advertisement among bloggers. That is why we will increase daily accrual to 0.2%.

4. We will pay for best comment at one of YouTube channel 10USD. Be sure to send screen to till 17.06. Active deposit is required.

dgx-nolimit is the project of mutual help with approximately high daily accrual and complete access to deposit. If you are interested at such conditions other investors are sure to get interested in them as well.

We are doing our best to develop our Project in an accurate and attentive way.
Fresh news "we are"
1. We are thoroughly developing each technical detail. One way or another, this will result that our Project will be the best one at the market.

2. We are increasing daily accrual level till 1,6%. Like promised and this will be done.

3. We will gradually improve our Project in front of your eyes. Do not get afraid and understand this right. We are preparing it to large scale advertising campaign.

4. We will gradually reach the level of 2% daily accrual. Without any hurries and following pre-lockdown goal of 3% daily accruals. We will make ideal balance in full correspondence with current market situation.

5. Deposit control 24/7. Instant payments coupled with good percentage of daily accruals, which we will gradually increase.

We continue our work and keep you informed about results.
Information to investors
1. We have added Dogecoin cryptocurrency.

The Project basis is USD. It means:
We convert crypto to USD based on actual exchange rate. You fix crypto price in USD and get profit in USD. During accruals withdrawal the back conversion to USD current rate takes place.

Let’s say in order to make a deposit for 1000USD you have to transfer 383150 Dogecoins to the Platform. Сurrent exchange rate.

2. Payment details.

For additional security purposes you can change payment details only by contacting admins. You can fill in the filed with payment details only once. For additional change of payment details you have to contact support. We will change it quickly.
Platform update
We have added Dogecoin cryptocurrency.

Attention! Attention we convert crypto to USD based on actual exchange rate. You fix crypto price in USD and get profit in USD. During accruals withdrawal the back conversion to USDE current rate takes place.

Let’s say in order to make a deposit for 1000USD you have to transfer 376890 Dogecoins to Platform.
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